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Winner of the Budapest World Dog Show

the Old English Sheepdog Bottom Shaker My Secret "Jimmy"

Winner of the Junior Best In Show

Press-conference - 19th May 2013.


The last press-conference has been accomplished successfully

Rafael de Santiago, president of FCI welcomed the participants, and he thanked for the excellent organization and hospitality of the Hungarian Kennel Club and Mr András Korózs - president of the Hungarian Kennel Club and main organizer of the World Dog Show 2013 - for


Later the representative of the Finnish Kennel Club made a short speach about the next World Dog Show in which he said that it was going to be organized in Helsinki. This will be a special event because Finnish Kennel Club is going to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2014 so they will welcome all the visitors and the exhibitors with amazing programs.


Mr András Korózs - president of the Hungarian Kennel Club – explicated the most important message of the four days show which is the following: a little kennel club is indeed able to organize a World Dog Show. He said it was important to be highlighted because this has always been a circular topic at the FCI general assemblies at the time of awarding the rights of organizing World and Euro Dog Shows.

After all Mr András Korózs thanked for all presses for coming for the World Dog Show 2013 Budapest. Finally he gave a line on the Best in Show which is going to be on Sunday afternoon,  19th of May. He said it was going to be like a ceremony. They will give the title of World Winner 2013 for the most beautiful dog from the ten breed groups(at 20:00). The Minister of Economics - one of the most important delegate of Hungarian government -, will give the title and price for the winner of the Show.

At the end of the press-conference Karl Donvil president of the WDPA and Vince Hogan executive director of Our Dogs said thanks in the name of the tress to Mr András Korózs and his staff for the perfect organization and the excellent possibilities he provided for the press.

Press Conference 2013.05.18.

The next press conference will be held at the 18th of May 2013 at 9.30 am. Rafael de Santiago – the new president of the FCI is going to be present.

Eukanuba World Challenge is going to be held today at the Eukanuba Stand in pavilion G at 2 p.m.
Dr Tamas Jakkel chief judge of the World Dog Show 2013 made a speech in which he compared the Euro Dogshow 2008 and World Dog Show 2013 – and he claimed that they did their best to create something which is remarkable and they learned from the mistakes of the past.
For the WDS there are more than 18 500 entries, and 371 breeds have been shown altogether.
Best judges from 5 continents came for this show and the most beautiful dogs.

Some information about the forthcoming WDS 2014 after the World Dog Show:

About the World Dog Show 2014: The opening of the Finland entry system is: 2013.06.20. New information such as entry opening times, accreditation for the press and accomodation is on the website.


Photo album of the World Dog Show

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If you click on the picture you will be directed to the official Facebook site of the Show and you will be able to see the PHOTOS of the CACIB, BIS 15.05.2013. BIS 16.05.2013, BIS 2013 17.05.2013 and other pictures made by Gabor Szalanczi and Sandor Szekelyhidi official photographers of the World Dog Show 2013.

The first press conference of the World Dog Show 2013


The first press conference of the World Dog Show 2013 was held at the Show venue by Mr András Korózs president of the Hungarian Kennel Club and main organizer of the World Dog Show 2013. Other participants made a speech such as Vince Hogan who is the managing director of OurDogs Magazin – media partner of the Hungarian Kennel Club, and Lars Otrieb who is a community manager of the Eukanuba - the principal sponsor of the event.
According to the speech of Mr András Korózs, the number of entries from foreign countries have been almost the same as it had been expected, he only mentioned that he had thought there would have been more entries from the Hungarian exhibitors.
On the first day – one day before the World Dog Show – the Hungarian Kennel Club had the greatest International one day long CACIB Show which has ever been in Hungary - organized by the Hungarian Kennel Club.